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Fuck nah.

Nah yo… Fuck that


relax please

lmfaooooo wtf

soccer players never fail to amaze me

I think this Is from Shaolin soccer. The rawest soccer movie ever made

it is, and let’s not forget these gems

So many things I wanna do but so little time… I want to continue with an idea for an utau comic I had ages ago but I should be working on epsilon… so the most logical solution is to do nothing and embrace the inner sloth that I am.

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Submit Anon: The Real World isn’t Tumblr, STFU


I was cosplaying San from Princess Mononoke at an ANIME con and these two weeaboo teenage idiots dressed as trolls from Homestuck came up to me and pulled on my costume. They got in my face and told me that “cultural appropriation isn’t cosplay.”

Thank you, Tumblr for producing such quality Social Justice Warriors that they don’t even know one of the greatest movies ever made.

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The weekend was not long enough…

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dA link

I’ve actually been thinking about redesigning Shizu for a while. At the very least, this could be another alternate design haha;; I’ll draw up a ref sheet later.

so pretty! *o*

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Imagine your UTAU lifting up other UTAUs’ skirts.

Jaku, for shame

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I don’t think I can do any of these.

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"I’ve been using UTAU for a good 2 years now, and I’m calm and cool about not being popular or even barely noticed, but lately I feel people are deliberately avoiding me, I’m not sure if there are rumours or things being said about me, I just find it hard to make friends or talk to people in this community and I’m constantly being ignored."

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I am putting aside getting my tooth fixed (it’s going to cost me over $150) so i can finally get out of this nightmare of a home. I don’t wan’t to get into details, but it is a lot of verbal and mental abuse and it’s so toxic.. 

I will literally draw you anything as long as it isn’t porn. 

I also am taking donations if you are interested?

my donate button is on my page.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


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